Testimonials From People Who Bought Our Boomerangs Online

We have dedicated this page to share a few of the testimonials from our customers that purchased our boomerangs (with new arrivals on a regular basis.) and have agreed to share with you how much they are satisfied with their purchase so that you may that know that we ONLY sell high quality boomerangs and we help you get the most joy and excitement by providing you with throwing tips in the form of videos shown here.

We invite you to send us your testimonial of your experience with our boomerangs so that we can display it here for others to see and be reassured that we stand behind our products and are always looking for ways to serve you better.

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Hey Vic,
Couldn’t wait to get out and try my new “Scalper”. It flew great even in the wind and snow! Looks good on the website too! So, instead of griping about the weather, I had a great day of throwing and snowshoeing with my dog and some wine for antifreeze 🙂 Thanks again for what you do.


Got a chance to fly the whizzer today and it flies beautifully! Even my fiancee, who’s never thrown a boom before, had no trouble throwing it. It’s so much sturdier compared to the reaper too, I love it so much. When I get the chance to post a video, I’ll do so.
Thanks again Vic

Love my Scalper Vic,
It was cold, but winds were a steady/light 5 or 6 mph on my way home from work today. Just a couple test throws was all I could manage time wise, but WOW. what an amazingly cool boomerang. 40+ yard boomerang and VERY accurate. Takes some modest layover. It’s big and has this (for want of a better term) ‘majestic,’ slow-rotating flight. It also has the positive attribute of pretty much STAYING in place, if not moving towards you a bit, in the final hover. a bit hypnotic really to look at (‘just watch the swinging pendulum–you are feeling very sleepy’) ha ha. This is a big boomerang, that doesn’t really fly like the usual 22/24 inch conventional booms. More like, as Vic alluded to, a really heavy MTA. I also have one
of Vic’s Way Over the Hill booms, which I also recommend highly if you want really neat, slow flying, flying hook.

John W

Vic, Thank you so much for the boomerang, it arrived today and is FANTASTIC. It’s cooler than in the photos! We even manage to get it back! 😉 Catching it is the difficult thing though 😉 Thanks again and I really appreciate all your help. I’ll definitely recommend you!